Advisors & Principals

George Solomon

George is an Advisor & Principal of the New England Consulting Group, and a key member of the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice teams.
George’s distinguished career spans over 30 years across a broad range of life sciences and healthcare businesses which includes several C-level general management positions as well as, business development, strategic planning, clinical trials, marketing and sales and M&A/global partnerships responsibilities. His credentials include major roles with multi-national corporations including Allied Signal, Fuji and Mindray. His most recent assignment was at Mindray, Ltd., where as president of the North American subsidiary, he lead this under-performing unit to become the corporation’s most profitable division.

George’s experience spans the life sciences space from medical devices, imaging and MIS, to generic pharma, diagnostics, disposables and lab services.

He was successful in applying broad-based business methods to turn around several companies and make immediate contributions to their bottom lines. His management approach combines business and technical insights with a proven ability to resolve complex problems, while anticipating market trends. In addition, George’s outstanding business development and strategic alliance experience drove long-term growth and profitability for the companies he managed.

George has run a number of start-ups where he led them through clinical trials to PMA and PMA supplement, strategic partnerships and full commercialization, while successfully raising several rounds of private equity financing totaling over $70 million.

George holds a B.S., Chem. Eng. from Columbia University, has done course work toward an MD degree with emphasis on biochemistry and microbiology at the State University of Rome, Italy, and graduated from the Management Program for Emerging Companies, Technion Institute of Management, Israel. He is fluent in English, French, Italian and Romanian with knowledge of German, Russian and Spanish.