“New England’s in-depth practical experience dictated a new, more focused channel and brand strategy that will accelerate and improve our position in the market. Their ability to distill consumer insights and help us focus on important equities has been invaluable”
-Global Skin Care Executive

Our Expertise


  • Promotion Optimization
  • Price/Value Innovation
  • Price Ladders & SKU Optimization
  • Price Elasticity Analysis
  • Lifetime Value
  • Gross to Net


  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer Loyalty Strategy
  • Channel/Trade Strategy
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Merchandising Strategy
  • Customer Insights and Segmentation


  • Sales Force Organization
  • Compensation / Incentives Alignment
  • Category Management
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Salesforce Training

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Reinventing Marketing Leadership

In today's dynamic business landscape, the role of Chief Marketing Officers is undergoing significant scrutiny and transformation. As we witness high-profile exits and organizations hesitating to fill the CMO position, it's evident that a reevaluation of marketing...

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Embracing the Reality of the Promiscuous Consumer

In the realm of marketing rhetoric, one term has recently gained traction: "Zero Consumers." It attempts to encapsulate the notion of consumers' alleged promiscuity in brand loyalty. But let's be frank: it's unsubstantiated. The truth is consumers have never been...

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Retail shrink: We’ve seen the enemy, and it’s us

Retail shrinkage is a challenging topic for me to write about, not just because anytime I see or hear the word shrinkage, I can’t help but think about the Seinfeld episode focused on poor George, a cold swimming pool and an ill-timed “exposure” to a fellow house...

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